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"Currently about one in 15 people are living with Hepatitis."

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Silence is Deadly - Living with Hepatitis C

... is a documentary chronicling the lives of four people and their struggle with Hepatitis, a potentially fatal liver disease. While exploring the nature of the virus, its treatments, prognosis, and global impact, this powerful documentary further explores what it is to live with a debilitating chronic illness and its stigma, as seen through the eyes of our characters, one being the filmmaker herself.

The film was written, directed and produced by Kindra Anne Ruocco and In Your Face Productions, with the purpose of ending the silence that has become an epidemic for the estimated more than 5 million Americans who will contract Hepatitis C in the next few years.

Currently about one in 15 people are living with this disease. "Silence is Deadly" delves into the options and realities of Western and Eastern medicine, and intertwines intimate details from a few who have made definitive lifestyle choices in coping with their illness. Within the words and images, there exists a powerful force for change and awareness with an underlying belief that education equals prevention. Currently the film is seeking distribution in the United States and abroad. For information on the film's creators, click here.

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